5 Myths About PCOS and the Facts

5 Myths About PCOS and the Facts

These are 5 myths about PCOS that I hear all the time regarding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – and they are all wrong! Below I debunk these common myths and offer PCOS facts and the truth about how you can heal from it.

PCOS Myth 1 – Women Experience All of the PCOS Symptoms

One of the top myths about PCOS is that all women with PCOS experience symptoms such as acne, excessive hair growth, and weight gain.
PCOS can present in a variety of ways, and not all women exhibit all (or any) of these specific symptoms. Doctors used to say that women in smaller bodies couldn’t even be diagnosed with PCOS, which is so far from the truth (all bodies can experience this) – thank goodness they started to switch that part of the narrative.

PCOS Myth 2 – Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) Will Fix PCOS Symptoms

Many doctors tell patients that getting on the HBC pill will regulate your hormones and therefore, fix your PCOS symptoms.
The HBC pill does NOT regulate your hormones; it manipulates them, and pumps your body full of fake hormones. Though this *may* temporarily lessen your symptoms (not always the case – sometimes it even makes things worse), it does NOT fix them and they can come back with a vengeance and be even worse once you get off of the pill – this is what happened to me!

PCOS Myth 3 – PCOS Cannot Be Reversed

Many doctors will tell you that PCOS cannot be reversed and there is nothing you can do it about.
PCOS can absolutely be reversed and managed through dietary and lifestyle changes. Targeted supplementation can be helpful, too. Eating a nutrient-dense diet, balancing your blood sugar, managing stress, decreasing inflammation, getting solid sleep, and incorporating consistent gentle movement (hello daily walks in the sunshine!) can all be incredibly helpful in reversing this condition.

PCOS Myth 4 – You Can’t Get Pregnant If You Have PCOS

PCOS Myths and Facts Pregnant Woman Meditating After Healing From Polycystic Ovary Syndrome I was told that my PCOS could lead to infertility.
Let me start off by saying that this one isn’t entirely a myth; if you have PCOS and your hormones are imbalanced, this COULD lead to infertility and/or difficulty conceiving. However, it is absolutely wrong to say that you are destined to a life of infertility just because you received a PCOS diagnosis. There are ways to test your sex hormones and make sure they are within a healthy range for conception, as well as checking to see if your body is ovulating – both of these factors are very important if you are looking to conceive. Hormones can naturally balance out (making it possible to conceive) through dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as targeted supplementation. I went from “interfile” (not ovulating or getting a period) to having monthly periods + confirmed ovulation!

PCOS Myth 5 – An Irregular Menstrual Cycle Means You Have PCOS

I’ve met women that were given a PCOS diagnosis just because their periods were irregular.
A “regular” period is one that occurs every 21 to 35 days. I have met multiple women that assumed they have PCOS (or were told so) simply based on this fact, without any additional testing. The truth is, there are so many other reasons why your period could be irregular – stress, digestive issues, over exercise, and thyroid disorders to name a few. If your period is irregular, I recommend getting additional testing done before jumping to the conclusion that it’s PCOS.

Supporting PCOS Through Nutritional Therapy

The connection between PCOS and gut health has been well documented. It is known that gut health is SO crucial for overall hormone balance. If digestive health is impaired, the body may not be absorbing nutrients properly. This can lead to a cascade of negative health effects including hormonal imbalances like PCOS. If you have been told these PCOS myths by your doctor and want the support from someone who has successfully reversed PCOS through dietary and lifestyle changes, then please contact me. You can also read more about gut health and hormone balance on my nutritional therapy page.

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