Bio Individuality – There is no one size fits all nutrition plan

Bio Individuality - There is no one size fits all nutrition plan

What is Bio Individuality?

I am a firm believer in bio individuality. This means that we are all individuals with different biology – therefore, each and every one of us has different needs in terms of our health. Bio individuality is why generalized health plans, diets, and trying to read random health books in order to feel better and improve your health may not work for many people.

Trust me, I tried to do all of this for years and years to fix my health. I spent so much time suffering from bloating, fatigue, brain fog, constipation, mood swings, PMS – the list goes on. Not only did I spend so much time suffering, but I also spent so much money trying random supplements and reading random books, just trying to piece together a protocol for myself when I had no idea what I was really doing.

I understand why we do this. We hope that this next supplement will just be the end-all be-all answer to our problems. Or that eating in a new way for 30 days will fix our chronic digestive issues. Sure, maybe these things can help – but rarely do they ever FIX the problem for good.

If I had known back then that I could have saved years of time and thousands of dollars spent on trying to fix my health on my own, I would have paid someone else to do it for me in a heartbeat. But no regrets, you can’t know what you don’t know. So let’s explore how bio individuality and nutrition are inexplicably linked.

What Factors Influence Bio Individuality?


It can be helpful to take a look at your family’s health history in order to get a better understanding of your body. Although each person IS bio-individual (meaning you will likely have different needs than even your family members), you may be genetically predisposed to certain conditions based on your family history. For example, some health conditions such as asthma, autoimmune diseases, and high blood pressure can have a genetic predisposition and you may be more likely to have them if they run in your family. BUT that does not mean that if you get one of these conditions that you just have to suffer with symptoms forever – find a functional medicine practitioner that can help you manage. An individual that has one of these conditions may have different dietary and lifestyle needs than an individual that does not.

Gut Health

When it comes to gut health, the concept of bio individuality is also very important; not everyone will need the same types of support. If you have digestive symptoms, it is crucial to figure out what is causing them, so that you can support the body correctly. For example – someone who has parasites will need a different protocol to follow than someone who has candida overgrowth in the gut. Different dietary changes and supplements are needed depending on what is going on. I have all of my clients with digestive issues complete a GI Map stool test so that we can see exactly what is causing their symptoms, and then support accordingly.

Activity Levels

An individual’s level of physical activity cannot be ignored when it comes to the concept of bio-individuality. Someone that is incredibly active is going to need different amounts (and possibly even types) of foods, compared to someone that is sedentary or even lightly active.

Age and Gender

Age and gender are huge factors when it comes to the types of nutrition plans that will help an individual thrive. Infants and children have particular needs because of their rapidly growing bodies, while elderly individuals tend to have lowered caloric needs. Men and women’s nutrition needs tend to differ as well, as most men need more calories than women (but not always…again – depends on the person!).

How to Honor Bio Individuality with Nutrition

Identify Personal Food Sensitivities

Stemming back to the topic of gut health and bio individuality – the health of your gut will have a big impact on the types of foods (if any) that you may have sensitivities to. For example, individuals with leaky gut syndrome tend to have a difficult time consuming foods such as gluten and dairy. The worse case of leaky gut you have, the more food sensitivities you will have. For individuals with severe digestive issues and/or chronic health conditions, I like to run a MRT food sensitivity test so that we can get a personalized report showing us exactly which foods they are sensitive to. Removing these foods temporarily can be very helpful in the process of healing your gut overall.

Monitor Your Macronutrient Intake

Bio Individuality NutritionGoing back to the points I made above regarding age, gender, and activity levels – all of these will impact the amounts of food and macronutrients that may be needed for a person to feel their best. Individuals that are extremely active tend to need more carbohydrates to maintain adequate energy levels. It is also important to take pre-existing health conditions into consideration when it comes to macronutrient amounts; Individuals with insulin resistance or other metabolic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes or PCOS may do better with a lower-carb meal plan.

Work With A Practitioner

Your body is unique, and you deserve a unique and personalized approach to help you feel your best. Take the guesswork out of trying to fix your symptoms and hire someone to do it for you, saving you time and money overall!

Nutritional Therapy Takes Into Account Your Own Bio Individuality

If you are struggling now with digestive symptoms, hormonal imbalances, low energy, skin issues, PMS, and you’ve tried fixing it on your own but it just hasn’t worked…it doesn’t have to be this way. Finding a nutritional therapist who understands bio individuality and its relationship to nutrition can help you get to the bottom of why the body is out of balance in the first place.

Nutritional therapy is not a “band aid” approach and does not give clients medications to manage their symptoms; rather, it digs deep to discover the root cause of the symptoms. Every client gets a custom plan which is tailored specifically for their body, as there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. If you are ready to get the personalized help that you need then contact me to learn about my nutrition programs.

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