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Are you ready to ditch your digestive issues, balance your hormones, and reclaim your energy once and for all?

Work With Me

Online Nutrition Packages

Are you ready to ditch your digestive issues, balance your hormones, and reclaim your energy once and for all?

My Nutrition Packages


In-depth health assessment to discuss your current dietary/lifestyle patterns and your health goals.



Personalized Health Plan

Customized dietary and lifestyle plan created to help you achieve your current health goals.


Initial Consultation +

3 Month Online Coaching

Best value and clients get the best results with this offer, due to the ongoing support and accountability.


Initial Consultation & Personalized Health Plan +

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Are you ready to leave your unwanted symptoms behind and reclaim your health and vitality?

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Are you ready to leave your unwanted symptoms behind and reclaim your health and vitality?

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Functional Lab Testing Options

*Not included in package pricing above.

Gut Testing


Comprehensive gut testing allows us to examine your gut microbiome and identify any imbalances, pathogens, and improper digestive function that could be contributing to your symptoms. My practice utilizes the GI Map, which is a comprehensive stool test that uses DNA analysis which allows for greater identification of infection and specificity of pathogens that may be present. This test is much more advanced than traditional stool testing run at a doctor’s office, and can give us a great inside look at what’s contributing to your symptoms.

Hormone Testing


We all experience hormonal fluctuations throughout the month; as women, we actually want our hormones to fluctuate at different times according to our menstrual cycle. However, our hormones can become imbalanced for many reasons (due to gut imbalances, chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies, and more) which can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms such as PMS, irregular/absent periods, mood swings, breakouts, bloating, fatigue, migraines, and more. I utilize the eFHP (Expanded Female Hormone Panel) in my practice, which measures your hormone levels all month long. This provides us with ample information to help identify any underlying imbalances.

Adrenal Testing


The adrenal glands are incredibly important when it comes to our overall energy and vitality. If you have been experiencing ongoing fatigue, it could be helpful to take a look at how well your adrenal glands are functioning. Individuals can experience overactive or underactive adrenal glands, both of which can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, and more. The main adrenal test that I utilize in my practice is the DUTCH Advanced Adrenal Test. This gives us a great understanding of how well your adrenal glands are functioning, as well as how to support you in reclaiming your energy.

Additional Nutrition Tests I Can Run for You

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Testing – Pricing Varies by Test

Will include serum tests for metabolic functioning, blood glucose, vitamin levels, thyroid panels, autoimmune antibodies, kidney function, liver function, lipid panels, inflammation, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Nutrition Packages

Functional lab testing differs from conventional lab testing in the way that functional labs dig deeper and focus on the “optimal” range of nutrients and organ function in the body. Conventional lab tests often just look to see if your levels are within the “normal” range. But just because something is “normal”, does NOT mean that it is “optimal”! This is what I see ALL the time in my practice, and is why it is important to look for optimal ranges and not just normal ranges, because you can test as “normal” and still be experiencing symptoms. Conventional doctors don’t provide functional testing for the gut microbiome (they only test for acute infections within the gut), saliva/urine hormone and adrenal testing (which provide a more accurate representation of your overall hormone and adrenal function than serum testing does), or food sensitivity testing (which can be incredibly helpful for eliminating digestive issues and inflammation within the body). The goal of conventional medicine is to diagnose and treat disease (often through the use of medications). The goal of functional nutrition is to identify imbalances and support the body back to health naturally. Functional lab tests can provide invaluable information regarding WHY you are experiencing symptoms in the first place, as well as how we can support the body back to optimal health.
I most frequently recommend the coaching package so that you can have full access to me for any questions, support, or guidance regarding your plan. Studies have shown that having someone to hold you accountable increases your chances of meeting your goals by 95%! I have helped dozens of people reclaim their health with both options, but I tend to see the best results when clients opt for the coaching package. The personalized health plan may be a good option for you if you are very independent, organized, and are a go-getter that doesn’t tend to have many questions or need much support when working towards accomplishing your goals.
Yes, once the initial 3 months are over then we can assess where you are at in terms of your health goals and can definitely continue to work together if we both deem that appropriate. I offer a variety of packages (ranging from $300-$500 per month) for ongoing services past the initial 3 months.
We can definitely modify and add on coaching calls, email check-ins, and/or text support later on for an additional fee if you decide that’s what you would like to do. I just want you to feel supported and set up for success, so I am happy to do whatever we need to in order to make that happen! It is important to note that if you opt to do any functional lab testing and are on the fence about the personalized plan versus the coaching package, I highly recommend the coaching package. The reasoning for this is that you will want to start implementing the recommended changes from me ASAP once we receive your test results, as levels in the body can shift as time passes. So in order to get the best possible results, it would be beneficial to implement the changes immediately and have me on board to support you with any questions that you think you may have.

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